VictoriArtNFT Collection

Being human in the digital age
- A visual story in 5 acts

This collection is a collaboration between Berlin-based text artist Victoria Hohmann and media designer Andreas Vierheller. Together they reflect on being human in the digital age. The result is a visual story in five acts. Each act consists of eight short minimalist video loops.

About the collection

At the turn of the millennium, officially in 2002, analog and digital storage options balanced each other out for the first time and the digital age began.

Since then, our everyday life, information flow, information paths, data processing and the storage capacities of data have developed rapidly. So rapidly, in fact, that information sometimes overtakes itself - for example, although every teenager today knows the icon for "save": a floppy disk, the floppy disk itself has no meaning to them because it is already a museum piece.

How has the digital revolution shaped us, how does it affect us at the moment, what future scenarios are conceivable as a result of it? Man versus machine, fragility versus perfection, immediacy versus user interface, physicality versus mental power. Are these clichés, actual dichotomies? What ambivalences are driving us? What consequences, what fears and what dreams?

In short: What does it mean to be human in the digital age?

About the creators

Victora Hohmann

lives as text artist, writer and publisher in Berlin. Her work has already won awards and been exhibited internationally. Texts by her have been adapted for the theater. As a publisher, she promotes new voices in contemporary literature.

Andreas Vierheller

is a digital media designer based in Berlin. He has been working as art director and designer for brands like Adobe, Microsoft, Lenovo, Intel.

Drop #1 – The Human Condition

Life File

The intertwining of real and virtual life is a daily challenge. Both overlap, influence each other permanently: Preserve or creative process, standstill or movement? A questioning by visual poetry.

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I'm not a robot

The confirmation of our human identity is required online almost daily and has thus taken on robotic forms. What distinguishes us from artificial intelligence? One click?

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Stainless steel

Nothing is stainless, painless. A drawing to draw attention on our vulnerability. A declaration of love to the perfection of imperfection.

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Alphabet Cookies

All possibilities are given to us as the letters of the alphabet hold all possibilities of our linguistic ability. We are called to access, combine, create.

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The loneliness of the individual, the "being thrown into the world" is hidden in the word I-solation. A visualization in the form of visual poetry.

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Social Gambling

The wheel of fortune Social network, the slot machine. The addicts in front of the machine. The network of algorithms.

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The vocabulary in the drug milieu and on the Internet are similar. Increasingly, we are becoming more dependent on Likes that provide us with endorphin kicks. Scrolling from top to bottom on social networks triggers the archaic reward mechanism in our brains. Do we reflect our addiction? A visual study.

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The personal quest, the epic hero's journey is increasingly shifting to the virtual. We search for everything on the Internet. What do we find? What are we actually looking for? What do we find when we look for ourselves there? A reflection on identity.

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Drop #2 – Shifting Identity


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Under construction
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Yes / No
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Drop #3 – The Glitch

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Deus ex machina
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Drop #4 – Edit mode

Crash Report
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Copy / Paste
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Drop #5 – The Void

Empty page
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White square
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I was here
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Out of the dark
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No thing
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